I have been in a number of buildings shopping or visiting someone and noticed how dirty the facility is.  I was in a hospital in Ky. and notice the facility was extremely dirty.  I made a comment to someone in the waiting room and they said the entire building is like this.  After i was done with what I needed to do I spoke to someone in the administrators office and they told me they did the work in house and she thought the place looked good.  This is an example of how bringing in someone with a new perspective would help resolve any issues they had.


Offices are a special challenge of them self.  In your building you might have 5 to 300 offices and each persons needs are a little different.  Our staff is train to handle the different needs in a polite and friendly manner.

In office complex we know you have tenants that don't want clean, some only on certain days and vacant rooms on a different schedule.  We have a system in place that makes all this work with no gaps in the service they want.

We can customize a inspection service just for your facility.  If you do your cleaning in house or hire an outside service but are looking for someone to come in to monitor what they are doing we can do that.  A fresh set of eyes is always a great way to make sure your staff or outside service contract if following all there guidelines.

We don't just do the inspection and hand you a form, we compile all the information into a report and explain what we found and steps that can be taking to resolve the issues.

Church buildings come in many different sizes from the local community church in your neighborhood to the large mega church near the shopping center.  We take care of them all.  We can design a program just for your needs.  From once a month to daily services.  Let us help you provide the best experience to your members.  Call us today.

One of the best way we provide such a high level of cleaning is with our high quality cleaning equipment and on going training.  All of our standard equipment is the same at every location.  We do this with our chemicals also.  If your facility needs any special projects we have one of the largest distributors that can get what we need at any time.

Office Cleaning

Consultation Services

So it's time for you to start doing the cleaning in house and not sure what needs done or how often.  We can come in and help you build your cleaning and building guidelines.  If your getting ready to contract out the services for the first time you will need cleaning specifications so all your bids have the same requirements.  We can help you in designing the program just for your facility.


Inspection Services

Private and Charter schools are growing all the time.  Let us grow with you.

We provide the highest level of cleaning and facility services.  We can design a service around your building needs at a cost you can afford.  We do this by combining regular services (cleaning, painting, light bulb changing, ect) with in your contract and splitting that cost over the term of your contract.


Our painting service in your school will last at least three years prior to the next full painting.  We do this because our staff monitors problem areas and once a week addresses any issues in the building.
Call us today for more information about how our system works.